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After spending years working in a specialty physicians group, and with a variety of medical billing companies, I’ve had the opportunity to see the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to maintaining a successful medical practice.

I started iMedBill to be the change that I wanted to see in the medical billing industry. That meant iMedBill would be integrated, seamless, meticulous and ethically committed to our clients’ medical practice.

In short, you’ll find iMedBill to be the perfect partner for your medical practice. 

Have you found yourself asking if you are capturing all the revenue you can for the quality care and service you provide? Or asking if your practice is running as smoothly and efficiently as it could? Are small errors costing big to your bottom line and revenue? Are you up nights worrying that you’re leaving revenue sitting on the table with the insurance companies? Have you been taken advantage of by unethical or fraudulent billing agencies in the past? iMedBill can absolutely make a difference.  We’ve assembled an expert team who will put their skills to work to help make your practice successful, and give you some peace of mind.

I knew there were ways I could improve how things were done, and I have a genuine interest in the healthcare industry, with its constant ebbs and flows. I have years of industry knowledge that I put to use on my clients’ behalf.

The professionals at iMedBill bring more than 25 years of healthcare industry billing experience. In that time we’ve seen technology significantly change the industry. Today, iMedBill uses some of the latest software, desktop and mobile applications along with other technologies to benefit our clients and capitalize on information access, efficience, accuracy and accountability. Behind the technology, analyzing the data, pairing all things digital is our account service providers. Together, we work each day to provide clients with an impeccable work and business ethic.

I want our clients to have genuine piece-of-mind that they can spend more time with their patients, because they have the iMedBill team focused on their practice and profitability.

iMedBill got its start as a medical revenue consulting and billing agency specializing in ambulatory infusion services. The knowledge we gained combined with our drive to maximize efficiency and better manage the revenue cycle makes iMedBill a perfect partner.  If you’re looking to get control of the day-to-day in your medical practice, while gaining peace-of-mind that you’re revenue is being captured, call iMedBill at -888-707-3335, ext. 4, or email us at

Coco Fellows

President, Revenue Consultant
There's A Lot On Your Plate Running A Medical Practice Make Sure You're Getting All Your Green$.
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